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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Its been like SOOOOOOOO long since i last wrote!
hahahahaha...honestly,malas..hehehe...since da lma xmerapu n mengadu kt sini,byk benda nk tulis sbenarnye...haha..nway,first of all esk raya aji!so, selamat ari raya people!!!!selamat ari raya to lembu2 too...i hope they'll go easy on u tomorrow..
hmm,i've just finished my fifth semester...so, tggal lg 1 smester (hopefully)...praktikal pun da nk start!takut!!!!mntak2 la dijauhi dr perkara2 xbest..amin!
lets just pass the less fun stuff...life so far has been quite normal for the past few months...family wise,its getting better i think...well,its not like we suddenly become harmonious or lovey dovey towards one another...eewww!haha!we still fight sumtimes, i mean dont worry my family is still annoying...but i guess we are much more calmer and considerate now...which is good and PELIK kadang2...haha...calling more often,dinner together,stuff like that..,so i guess things getting pretty good lately...alhamdullilah!

Kwn2..well,i dunno where to start...they are my world..honestly..i have to admit i'm a loner...i'm not always with my family, i dont have that many close frens..so,takut sbenarnye knowing the fact that we dont have that much time left b4 graduating..i know for sure i'll miss them so much..over the years i think quite a few things changed around us and it actually affect our friendship but the love is still there...itu yg pnting...to me atleast...wah!sedey2!!!!

Haish...Lets move on...actually there's sumthing that has been bugging me for quite sumtime now..especially this few months!dulu xpk sgt tp lately ni..adoyai..agak mengganggu fikiran ok!i mean,i look around me and almost smua kwn2 ria da bpunya o atleast separa bpunya..dont get me wrong...i always told myself that i dont want to rush into this juz becoz org len da ada sum1 and i'm the only one left alone..i'm not going to do this juz becoz of that silly reason..i'll do it when i'm ready...well, ria rsa org yg rpat ngan ria sume taw i have a huge crush on sum1 for more than 3 years now...xtaw la cmne nk ckp...suddenly ria jd sgt tkut ngan bnda2 cmni..takut ngan komitmen mungkin..lately ni jd mkin truk..i know for sure i like him..alot!juz hearing his name makes me smile like a fool all day long..tp liking him doesnt make me wanna have him..seriously,i dont have the feeling of wanting him to be mine..not even a tiny bit..weird huh?i find it weird too..ntah la..scared of losing him?yup..want him to be mine?not really..gosh..am i being selfish or confused???